Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk

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Menu Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk

Kebabs are the ideal party snacks. The smokey, scorch barbecued smell and soften in-mouth which can undoubtedly get you absorbed into it. At Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk, we will take you through to a journey in the world of Kebabs and some other specialities too. So, let’s begin the trip with our menu. Start your meal with the likes of Chicken Tikka Starter, Lamb Tikka Starter, Chicken Pakora, etc. On the main Kebab dishes, we have for you delicacies like Chicken Goujon Kebab, Family Kebab, Special Mixed Kebab for 2, Seekh Kebab, Lamb Tikka Kebab, and more. We also have Pizza items like Garlic Pizza with Cheese if you would like to try. The Burger delights we have like Chicken Fillet Burger, Donner Meat Burger, Fish Burger, Half Pounder Burger with Cheese, etc. There are plenty more surprises that are ready to be unfolded, so hold on to your horses. You can enjoy some rice items in Chicken Tikka Biryani, Special Mixed Biryani, Lamb Biryani, etc along with Plain Chicken Curry, Tikka Masala, Zam Zam Special Mixed, Chef's Special Tikka Balti, etc. You can also have a solid lunch with rice items like Pilau Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Vegetable Fried Rice, etc and some of the traditional dishes like Karahi, Korma, Rogan Josh, Balti, etc. Try our Peshwari Naan, Keema Naan with Mushroom Bhaji, Bombay Potato or any other curry items that you prefer. Visit our kids corner for Kids Regular Burger Meal, Tenders Meal, etc. Your satisfaction is our reward as we look forward to serving you.


About Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk

It is a proud moment to state that we are very popular in the restaurant business as we maintain a very high standard in terms of quality of food. We are using the top branded spices and ingredients in our preparation. All these products are quality assurance certified. Hence, the recipes that we offer to our customers are supremely tasty. Our team is working hard with the objective that you are served some finger-licking staff to your table each time you visit us. Your happiness and satisfaction is our reward and we leave no stone unturned to fulfil your request. If you are thinking to check our services, why don’t you book an order first? Just download our app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store where you will get the full list of our menu. Pick your preferred item and place your order in a single click. Give us the opportunity and we assure you some memorable service.


Restaurant location Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk

A convenient location is more than half the job done. The location of River Lane, Dundalk, Co. Louth for Zam Zam Downtown Dundalk proves this point. It is quite conveniently located in the city where all major transport facilities are available and traffic is generally very smooth. This makes the home delivery service quite fast thereby allowing us to fulfil numerous orders well within time. You will have no issues locating us irrespective of your locality. For any issues related to navigation, our app with instant GPS support is always there to assist you. Come and join us to have a pleasant food journey.

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